Year 2010

Day 16: Developer Blog's New Location Here:

Day 7: File Permissions Blurb
Year 2009

Day 26: perl errors
Day 26: php loop &
Day 26: php error suppress
Day 26: Perl NEXT
Day 26: Php Header Forward
Day 26: Perl Sendmail Script
Day 26: Php CONTINUE
Day 26: Content-type: text/html
Day 27: Perl for, foreach, while loops
Day 27: initialize a list of variables at one time
Day 27: perl time
Day 27: arrays
Day 27: Perl Uppercase Function
Day 27: Perl Quote Function
Day 27: Elsif
Day 27: Perl Browser sniffer subroutine started...
Day 27: Simple Perl Regular Expression CAPITALS
Day 27: CGI header and footer functions
Day 27: CGI file path subroutine
Day 27: handy error message Perl CGI
Day 28: Simple PHP page password lock
Day 28: Php Don't Show Errors This Page
Day 28: Actionscript only library flash
Day 28: AJAX on document loaded
Day 28: AJAX Statemanager
Day 28: JavaScript center function
Day 28: JavaScript Get Current Doc Height Function
Day 28: JavaScript setTimeout syntax
Day 28: JavaScript new Array
Day 28: JavaScript switch case syntax
Day 28: JavaScript example for loop syntax
Day 28: JavaScript menu rollover functions
Day 28: Google Analytics virtual page visit track function
Day 28: JavaScript Browser detect function
Day 28: iGoogle Gadget
Day 28: Php Image Resize Script
Day 28: Wordpress use Php in Posts
Day 28: Wordpress Podcast Utility of choice - podPress
Day 29: Php Search String for a String
Day 30: Php Force File Download Script

Day 1: Php array_map apply callback to all elements of an array, return the array as before
Day 1: Regex resource
Day 5: Php form isset simple auth login
Day 5: Php require_once() include_path
Day 9: Php php.ini location xampp
Day 12: JavaScript expando sections scriptaculous
Day 16: Wordpress Custom Fields
Day 20: AJAX Php ensure page loaded in framework SOLUTION; same using LightWindow; Ajax.Updater OR Ajax.Request ALSO handy $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=="GET" trick

Day 1: MySQL update set REPLACE practice string search and replace
Day 8: HTML carrots
Day 11: CURL Aviosys IP9258 HTTP Command PHP works with include turned off!
Day 14: godaddy cgi files
Day 14: godaddy perl compiler path
Day 14: godaddy good stuff
Day 14: enable fopen include turn off safe mode Godaddy godaddy
Day 14: Remove element from div Javascript
Day 16: CSS @import import another sheet style syntax
Day 17: Anchor tag image outline on click border CSS
Day 21: Windows Add Path for command line access of mysql installed via xampp
Day 21: robots.txt example

Day 0: Perl Associative Arrays (Hashes)
Day 1: Perl URL below ROOT using cgi-bin
Day 1: Php Include
Day 1: Perl Include
Day 1: Php Shell Server Promotion Script shell_exec
Day 1: Server Promote Shell Script
Day 1: HTML Server side include
Day 2: Php stdClass explanation
Day 2: Php Variable Scope Global Static local $Globals array etc
Day 2: Stop Mozilla Firefox from Caching Flash SWF
Day 3: Perl Match Substitute Split Regular Expressions
Day 5: Flash JWPlayer video still first frame generation script
Day 5: CSS opacity example
Day 6: Perl subroutines
Day 6: Php print_r
Day 6: Php explode
Day 6: Php str_replace
Day 6: Php function return value
Day 6: Perl Regular Expressions Continued: quantifiers, OR, ?, +, *, {}, $1
Day 6: Perl Subroutine Passing Arguments Simple
Day 6: Good Perl Tutorial / Reference
Day 7: JavaScript Lightwindow activate
Day 8: Pesky Thumbs.db
Day 8: Flash swf Embed tag z-index wmode JWPlayer
Day 8: CSS Reset Eric Meyer
Day 8: CSS Frameworks
Day 12: Php MySQL IN clause ONE query instead of foreach multiple queries example
Day 16: dynamic Php array list IN Mysql query statement also using ORDER BY FIELD function
Day 17: Php Heredoc
Day 17: Perl <<"here"; several line print example (similar to Php heredoc)
Day 17: HTML base tag
Day 17: Perl simple print html table foreach loop example
Day 17: Perl print format rules sprintf printf
Day 17: Perl string case functions
Day 17: Perl transliteration
Day 17: Perl string length function
Day 17: Perl search string return index thereof
Day 18: Perl CGI Security
Day 18: HTML form reset button
Day 18: Image submit form coordinates HTML
Day 18: Perl limit upload POST_MAX
Day 18: Perl shebang -T explained / and file open example
Day 19: Php URL sniffer / header 301 forward redirect
Day 19: Perl Redirect Permanent Forward
Day 20: Php Header 301 redirect examples
Day 20: Php strtolower string to lowercase function
Day 20: Php simple MySQL check for value SELECT, if null INSERT Php
Day 21: Php in_array array_push create an array, check it, fill it
Day 21: Make Connections Persistent in Wordpress mysql_pconnect
Day 21: Php PDO data object ODBC
Day 22: Q.E.D. latin demonstrated proven
Day 23: Javascript rollover menu accordian show hide style
Day 26: Php http_build_query() function from array
Day 26: Php: doc including another doc with $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] in included doc, results in location of including doc, NOT included doc
Day 26: AJAX simple handwritten HTML AJAX example
Day 26: Php simple draw calendar any month with table script
Day 26: AJAX xmlhttp.js get or post include
Day 26: AJAX photo upload
Day 27: Php GLOBALS
Day 27: Stop visitor from hitting AJAX loaded PHP content page directly $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']
Day 27: Accronyms to know
Day 28: Perl file directory functions
Day 29: JavaScript Print Window Function